Founder, Owner & Fairy Dog Mother

Hi I'm Victoria, a British born animal-lover and globe trotter. I originally started Dressed To The Canines in Australia beginning of 2015 after being there for a few years. It grew extremely quickly, receiving awards and even coverage in a major newspaper. I'm happy to say DTTC is still booming there with it's new owner, who I also trained. It wasn't an easy decision to give up Dressed To The Canines Australia, but I wanted to be closer to family and Ibiza has always had my heart. Working with dogs is my life and there isn't anything else I could imagine doing! I'm constantly updating my skills and searching for the most up to date research on canine behaviour, nutrition and grooming techniques. I'm always looking for the kindest approach to animals and way to communicate with them, this lead me to studying TTouch which I also incorporate during my grooms. You can find more info on it HERE. I love to support local and foreign rescues. I've worked closely with Starting Over Dog Rescue throughout my whole career in Australia (find more info HERE) providing grooms and helping with fundraisers. Since leaving Australia I spent some time volunteering in India with the Animal Rescue Centre, South Goa find more info on ARC HERE. Along side grooming I design 100% silver pet ID tags that are handmade with energy infused crystals. 

Co-Founder, Assistant & Top Dog

Hi I'm Gary, I'm an Australian born and bred Jack RT x. My family and I relocated to Europe 2017 and I'm loving it! I was surrendered 3 times before my mum adopted me and after going through that I was always nervous people were going to leave me. I've finally settled now though and know I'm part of the family as well as Dressed To The Canines. I assist my mum on all jobs. My favourite part of the job is meeting new dogs and driving to each house, taking in the fresh air with my head out of the van window! Usually I nap in my safety crate while mum is grooming so I don't get in the way or distract the pooch. However if your dog is scared of the dryer, bath or clippers I won't hesitate to step up, join in and show them it's ok. Sometimes we all need a helping hand. 

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