As part of the new law commencing on Friday 25th May 2018, under the Data Protection Act, it is now necessary for me to inform all of my customers at Dressed To The Canines about the information I keep about them and their dogs, how it is used and stored, and to receive permission for specific information to be stored and used. 

The following information is stored on a dog grooming record sheet:

• Details of the groom I.e. which blades are used, the style you requested for your dog etc

• Any dislikes your dog may have I.e. sensitive areas, dislike to touching feet etc

• Your dogs temperament I.e. well behaved, nervous etc

• Any medical conditions your dog may have I.e. sensitive skin, epilepsy etc

• Any lumps/bumps I need to be aware of or that I’ve noticed during the groom

All record sheets are kept on a private online system with password on a computer which is stored safely away every night. 

Your name, dogs name and contact numbers are entered into the form to enable me to contact you about appointments, to advise when your dog is ready, send cards, in case of agency etc. Your name and contact number along with your dogs name are also stored on my mobile phone, again to enable me to contact you for the above reasons. No other details are held on my mobile phone about you and my mobile phone is kept safe. 

I occasionally take before and after pictures of your dog, as well as sometimes during the groom, these are mainly used for business purposes, mainly social media and on my business page. Any images taken will be copyright of Dressed To The Canines. 


Any non returning customer record sheets are destroyed by a shredder 3 years from their last visit. I DO NOT share any customer data or information with any third parties. I have read and understand the above information on how my data is stored and used. 

Please enter name and email here to give consent for me to take photos of your dog(s) and to store your data.



Thanks! Message sent.