Bruno, The Survivor

¨Dressed to the Canines - Mobile Dog Grooming¨ - what a brilliant idea - no leaving a shivering pet in the poodle parlour with the words come back in 2 to 3 hours ringing in your head - Victoria comes to your house, plugs in and away she goes - sometime later your pet is delivered to you calm, happy, sweet smelling and with a little kerchief or bow tie on him or her -  instead of finding your pet quivering in a cage he or she is prancing around proudly so happy with the way they look.  Once found I have never looked back and my Bruno has been going on a regular 4 weekly basis for a shampoo/cut and blow dry literally leaping into her mobile dog grooming van.

Sadly Bruno was diagnosed with terminal cancer just after New Year and had to have his spleen removed.  He was due a haircut and shampoo and when I told Victoria what had happened she came straight round with tea, biscuits and sympathy and - more importantly - great advice on alternative treatments to help my poor Bruno (I was not even tempted to go the chemo route)…..  Nearly 6 weeks on and Bruno is wolfing back his raw food diet full of all the nutrition he needs and has daily sessions of reiki and essential oils treatment by a therapist Victoria recommended and is leaping around like a 6 year old rather than the 11 year old he is who survived a massive 4 hour operation.

I am so grateful for the way Victoria stepped in to help me and can highly recommend her - whatever happens to Bruno,  who I know is on borrowed time - he has been the happy and healthy dog that has been with me for the last 11 years and this is due to the help I received from Victoria who ´went the extra mile´ to help me.

— Catherine Frosell , Ms

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